Amanda Ballas

Amanda Ballas, Dr. of Traditional Chinese Mecicine has always dreamed big and empowered people to discover their potential within their body, mind, and heart.  She has a passion for holistic medicine, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle counselling and leadership. She has completed her Health Coaching Designation to complement her clinical training, 

Amanda started her studies 15 years ago in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Grant MacEwan University,  She was fortunate to mentor with a Doctor from China, Dr. David Chu, to enhance her skills and practice. Her studies continued with many more years of Oriental Medicine, Sport Medicine, Fitness, Nutrition, Yoga and a Master Trainer in Stand Up Paddleboarding..

Amanda's story is a great example of how anybody can rise above life's challenges and come out stronger on the other side. She has had her share of obstacles to overcome. 

Four years ago she was diagnosed with Chronic Migraines, a neurological condition that left her homebound, in horrible pain, unable to engage with her family and barely sustaining employment. After many trial and errors with failed treatments from all areas of medicine, she began her own treatment plan that blended Western, Eastern and Holistic Methods in hopes for relief to get her life back on track. And it is working. 

Amanda has been on a powerful healing journey of her own and is ready to share what she has developed with other people..


Kelly Beaton

Kelly Beaton’s approach to coaching stems from a very holistic foundation that is grounded in nature. With 20 years of experience as an educator, presenter, facilitator, and lover of the outdoors Kelly’s goal is to provide you with an exceptional and personalized experience. Drawing on a vast supply of modalities and resources, she is able to create a truly individualized plan to help you discover and reach your goals.

Kelly is a certified Life Coach who has taken training in mindfulness, solution focused approaches, building resiliency through attachment, creating working alliances, and positive psychology. She has presented at numerous educational conferences and has also led professional development sessions in areas of life wellness and interpersonal skills.

Feeling most grounded when surrounded by nature much of her work stems from a place of natural connection.